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Hardy Perennial Super Fruit


Haskaps are the perfect low maintenance, flowering, fruiting perennial. 

The name says it all:

Haskap or "haskapu" in Japanese translates to "little gifts on the ends of the branches".  

They're easy to grow, easy to care for, and easy to pick! 

What are you waiting for?

Health Benefits

The health benefits of the haskap berry have long been recognized in Japan. The ancient Ainu people

of Japan called haskaps 

the fruit of long life and good vision.

Modern scientific studies have shown that it is indeed an extremely nutrient and anti-oxidant / polyphenol-rich berry…in other words…a SUPER FRUIT. 

Haskaps are richer in polyphenols than tea, coffee, and red wine and have five times the amount of phenols compared to blueberries - making it a formidable antioxidant superfood. 

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Haskap Uses​


From Ice Cream to Jam, Mimosas to Smoothies,

Wine to Chocolate Truffles, Haskaps are not only a Healthy Super Fruit they make the most delicious,  award-winning foods and drinks.

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